Diblo Dibala

Diblo Dibala is truly a great master guitarist, bandleader, composer, and hitmaker. The world music connaisseur considers Diblo one of the top instrumentalists of modern African music. Diblo is part of the fabric of African music history, having performed with many of the most important in the music, including Franco, and Kanda Bongo Man. With Arlus Mabele, he created the immensely popular Loketo, helping to transform Congolese sound in the ’80s into a scintillating, internationally popular dance music. He has produced songs for Juan Luis Guerra and collaborated with International superstar Shakira. Today, he is touring his classic hard driving soukous band Matchatcha. “type of flower that produces an itch”. To see Diblo & Matchatcha in concert is to experience a hot time. His scorching guitar leads will leave you breathless.

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