Aymée Nuviola

Aymée Nuviola, like the music from her native island of Cuba, embodies that magical blend of musical genres. Born in Havana, Cuba, into a family of musicians, some of her earliest memories are at the piano, working through melodies between lessons. Later, as she became a classically trained pianist and composer at the Manuel Samuell Conservatory, Cuba’s top music academy, she recalls her fascination with all kinds of music, from Debussy to Bossa Nova. Her sound is now highly influenced by the classical, American Jazz, Pop, Bossa Nova, Cuban Son, Bolero and Fílin genres. Known as “La Sonero Del Mundo”, Aymée, is one of the founders of the “Timba” genre and the first female to lead a “Timba” band around the world. Aymée has also had the honor of working with top icons in the music industry including Gloria Gaynor, Fania All Stars, Ruben Blades, Chucho Valdes, Irakere, Diego El Cigala, Omara Portuondo, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, and many others.In 2019, she was awarded her first GRAMMY for Best Latin Tropical Album for “Journey Through Cuban Music” and in 2018, Aymée Nuviola, was awarded her first Latin Grammy for Best Tropical Fusion Album for “Como Anillo Al Dedo”, she has been nominated 5 times at Grammy and Latin Grammy.Aymée and her music is like an island without borders, open to the world, friendly, up-beat, smart and willing to share her most personal, intimate truths with the world.

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