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The first all-female Batucada ensemble in Europe was born from a French-Brazilian heartfelt and warm friendship in November 2002. Roberta Paim and Chloé Deyme met in the midst of the drums, within the fervor of the many Brazilian percussion groups in Paris. After numerous concerts and festivals in France and in Europe, they decided to form their own band, with a glamourous twist.

Anchored in Paris, the atypical group draws from the grooves of Bahia, the syncopated rhythms of Pernambuco, the Carioca Sambadromo, and mashes them all up into a happy cocktail of various musical influences! Its performers stem from diverse places: Brazil, Senegal, France, the West Indies, Morocco, Colombia, Japan, Vietnam… and all these sensibilities and cultures blend into a big drumming melting pot!
The feminine point of view of this batucada brings forth a very peculiar reading of percussive music, in an ordinarily rather masculine realm. These girls do not hesitate to marry styles and colours in a whimsical manner: samba, merengue, ijexà, maracatu, hip-hop, raï, African rhythms, sabar, samba-reggae...

In February 2007 and April 2011, they won the first prize at the Paris Percussions Festival.
Their musical adventure brought them to collaborate with many artistes, such as: Ibrahim Maalouf, Dave Douglas, Oxmo Puccino, Kery James, Thomas Savy, Trombamania, Grand Corps Malade, Zaho...
Today, some twenty women put their ardour together within a batucada that mixes percussion, dance and song… a total exaltation of the senses guaranteed!